Javadoodle Commissions

Current Commission List:

  1. "Sam CROW Rider" for The Okayest Taylor (Awaiting Final Approval)
  2. "MAYAN Warrior Rider" for The Okayest Taylor (Sketching In Progress)
  3. "North v. South of the Border Line-Up" for The Okayest Taylor
  4. "Twitch Emote 001" for Kat
  5. "Twitch Emote 002" for Kat
  6. "Twitch Emote 003" for Kat
  7. "Portrait 001" for Kate
  8. "Portrait 002" for Kate

Recently Completed Commissions:

  1. Magical Flight for Lisa.
  2. Coffee in That Nebula for Annabelle.
  3. Original Character Bust Sketch for Darryl.
  4. Jedi and his Droid Pal for Rob.
  5. Witchy Woman: Willow for Sarah.
  6. Pathfinder Goblin: Fayt for Rob.
  7. The Okayest Taylor Youtube Banners.
  8. Mayans Commission for Jay Sean.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In requesting a commission from myself, Mel B, the commissioner agrees to read and adhere to the information provided in the following document. The commission prices below are for NON-COMMERCIAL COMMISSIONS only: The resulting artworks are not to be resold, reproduced, marketed, or used to promote one’s business/creative property for monetary gain. While the commissioner retains copyright to the subject their commission depicts (In the case of original characters), I retain the copyright to the image itself, which includes my right to reproduce the work in prints, publications and usage in portfolios. If you would like commercial artwork created for publication or professional use of any kind, you are welcome to contact me directly at to arrange a professional contract bid at pro-rate prices.

Originals: All commissions are created digitally from start to finish, so there is no physical drawing available to send your way. I am, however, more than happy to provide you with a professionally made Giclee print (Likely through a personal favorite, Giclee Today) of your piece, at cost of the print and shipping and handling. (For personal, non-commercial use only.)

Payment: Payments may be made in one of two ways: You may either pay the full amount up front, or pay half up front, and the second half within two weeks of the completion of your piece. At the moment, I accept payments via Zelle Quickpay. Upon mutual agreement upon a commission’s topic and price, I will bill you via email through Zelle. I will begin a commission upon receipt of payment, and in the case of a second-half payment, I will send you the high-resolution, non-watermarked version of your piece upon final payment.

The Process: I will be open for a set number of commission slots at a time, and will complete each commission in the order they are received. If you would like to acquire a commission, contact me at  - please note that commission requests MUST be sent to this email address. I cannot take requests from website forums or comment sections, as I offer commissions on multiple websites, and it would be too complicated to run a first-come-first-serve request line in any other manner. 

In your Commission Request Email, please include information on the type of commission you are interested in, along with a detailed description of your character(s), any specific details you would like to see portrayed such as pose, costuming or expression, as well as pre-existing reference images of your character(s). Please be very precise and detailed with what you would like as I wish nothing more then to see to it that you enjoy the end result. I will price your commission based on this email, and assign your work its slot. 

Please be aware that I am working on multiple projects along side of commissions at any given time - as a result, I divide my time between these things equally. I will do my absolute best to give you an accurate projection of the length of time it will take to complete your commission once I reach your commission slot. I do ask, however, that my commissioners be understanding of my busy work schedule while I work on their piece. 

Once you receive a slot, either full or first-half payment must be received before I begin your image. When I reach your slot, pending I have already received payment, I will contact you immediately to establish how long it will take to complete your image. That amount of time will begin once and only once I reach your individual commission slot, after completing the works of the commissioners in line before you. 

As you could imagine, the length of time for each piece will vary depending on the complexity of the image itself - anywhere from two days to a week or two, pending the commissioner is prompt in responding to email correspondence. If anything were to come up that would cause me to take longer then expected on an image, I will contact you immediately to let you know. If I have not received payment by the time I reach your slot, your slot will be pushed back by one and the next commissioner in line will have their work completed first. (Please note that, outside of special circumstances, if I have not received payment within two weeks of assigning a commission slot, you will lose your spot entirely until you are ready to restart the commission process - this, out of fairness, frees up the space for able and waiting commissioners.) 

During the creation process, you will receive two sketches via email. The first sketch gives you the opportunity to make revisions - this is your only chance to request revisions throughout the process for smaller commissions, so please use this opportunity wisely. The second sketch is a preview of what your final image will look like including the revisions you requested based on the first sketch. Color commissions greater then $100 will also receive the preliminary flat-color preview of their commission, with the opportunity to request revisions to the colors only. (Lines are final after their revision during the sketch stage.)

Commission List: Alongside email correspondence, you can track the progress of my commissions on my website. My Current Commission List is located on my Commission Info page at 

  • Any topic or genre is welcome though I am especially fluent in fantasy and sci-fi, humans, animals, and anthropomorphic characters of any species.
  • Any fandom is welcome though I am especially versed in Sons of Anarchy, Mayans MC, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Star Wars, Star Trek, D&D or Pathfinder, Doctor Who, Marvel (Especially XMen), DC, Gargoyles, and Bioshock. 

Content Restrictions: I will not illustrate pornographic or fetish-related images, anything involving hateful, racist, or bigoted imagery or symbolism, or excess amounts of gore. I also will not draw nude characters for clients under the age of 18, nor will I create nude images of characters under the age of 18.

PLEASE NOTE: The prices presented below are Base Prices. I reserve the right to add an additional by-case plus-charge for characters or images requiring more time and detail than the below prices account for. (Or price down, for particularly simple pieces/characters) I also reserve the right to deny a commission offer if the content requested is objectionable per the rules previously stated.

For examples of my artwork, please visit my website gallery at


Headshots (head/shoulders):

(All prices per character)

- $35 for a tied-down sketch

- $45 each for line art (digitally inked)

- $60 for line art with digital color

Busts (head to waist):

(All prices per character)

- $55 for a tied-down sketch 

- $65 for line art (digitally inked)

- $105 for line-art with digital color and a simple color-wash background

- $160 for line-art  with digital color and an environmental background +$85 per additional character 


- $85 each for a tied-down sketch

- $110 each for line art (digitally inked)

- $160 each for line-art with digital color and a simple color-wash background

- $260 for an individual for line-art  with digital color and an environmental background. +$100 per additional character 

Detailed reference sheets:

- $160 each for line art (digitally inked)

- $210 for flat colors (no shading) and text descriptions

- $360 for fully rendered colors and text descriptions

- Includes two full-body views of your character (front and back) A headshot, Up to 3 important accessories or details, and a text description.

Basic reference sheets:

- $110 each for line art (digitally inked)

- $185 for flat colors (no shading) and text description

- $260 for fully rendered colors and text descriptions

- Includes one full-body view of your character, 2 close-up head shots/facial expressions, and text descriptions


Color Work:

You are more then welcome to commission me as a colorist for your pre-existing line art. These commissions will be priced on a case by case basis, depending on the scale of the piece(s) you would like to have colored. Feel free to email me for quotes on color commission work.

Just to Reiterate: 

Commissioners should contact me directly at to get their commission slot, to assure everyone’s work is created in a fair, first-come, first serve. I cannot take requests through any other forum. Keeping all request correspondence via email will also allow me to spend less time trying to juggle messages from multiple sites, and more time creating as awesome a piece for you as I can manage - And that is, by all means, best for us all ;)

Thanks, everyone!

-Mel B!

To see the process behind creating my artwork, feel free to visit me on YouTube!

Commission Examples: